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Top Benefits of Managed IT Services

How many hours has your team spent fixing tech issues? How much does downtime cost your business? Are you ready to partner with a managed IT services company? At Preactive IT, our team of experts is dedicated to supporting your business, making systems run efficiently, and implementing solutions that matter to your team and those…

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IT Services cybersecurity

Why Cybersecurity Matters

If you’ve watched any number of medical dramas on television, you know that cyberattacks can happen. Hackers are ready to hold data for ransom; some even threaten to release the personal information of clients, patients, and employees if a ransom isn’t paid by a certain deadline. This isn’t just for Hollywood drama, it’s real and…

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How Co-Managed IT is a Win-Win Scenario

Is your IT team seeking additional assistance with the day-to-day maintenance? Is your business growing and do you need more technical support? If you’re not ready to hire another IT professional or you’re seeking outside support, Co-Managed IT is a win-win for your organization. Gain the experience of the team at Preactive without the hassle…

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How IT Consulting Can Help Your Business Scale

Many businesses are optimistic about growth right now. COVID-19, while still an important issue, is more under control than it has ever been, which has led to more re-openings and fewer restrictions on businesses. Many companies anticipate more activity which also means opportunities to expand their business by growing both services and customer base. Scaling…

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