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As you’re reviewing financial reports, take a look at the cost of your phone service as well as the cost of employees transitioning from in-office to remote work. Was it easy to transfer phones so they can work from home? Did your business need traditional landlines like it had in the past? What do your customers expect? The rise of remote work has brought to the forefront the need for flexibility with phone services and a rise in the requests for VoIP services for small businesses. 

Why VoIP Services Make Sense

Rather than using traditional phone lines, businesses like yours are turning to Voice Over Internet Protocol or VoIP Services for their phone and fax needs. Using the power of the internet, you have the ability to work from anywhere while still using the business phone number. In fact, as many as one-third of small businesses are choosing this option. Here’s why it makes sense for them, and may for you too.

  • Portability. With more employees working from home, businesses are giving up large office space and opting instead for smaller offices with less in-house staff. Even if your employees are working at the office part-time, VoIP services mean they can continue to use their business phone number to reach customers because the service is portable and needs only the internet to operate. 
  • Sound Quality. We are often asked if the sound quality is the same over the internet and the answer is yes, if not better, using VoIP over traditional phone lines. 
  • Less Equipment. VoIP services operate in the cloud which means there is no need to rewire an office for phone lines. The only requirement is broadband internet. Preactive IT team members can install and maintain the system for you from a virtual location. 
  • Fax and Voicemail. We know faxing is a bit old school but we also know there are customers and businesses that need access to faxing capabilities without the space a fax machine takes up. The good news is that most plans include fax and voicemail that go right to email so your  business can operate as usual. 
  • Lower Cost. Because there is less equipment and set up, there is less cost over time. That’s great for smaller businesses who may be looking for ways to cut costs at the bottom line. 
  • User-friendly. When landlines aren’t working, it causes frustration that can only be resolved when the phone company assists. Using VoIP Services, businesses simply call Preactive IT and our team will resolve the issue. Not only that, but as your IT Services provider, we will seek ways to prevent downtime. 

If you’re tired of landlines that don’t work consistently, need remote employees to have access to their business line, and are seeking a VoIP services provider, contact us today! We’d love to talk to you more about the benefits for your business. 

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