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Five Ways To Make A Support Call Successful

I’m no Excel ninja but I know my way around Microsoft. My coworkers treat me like their own private Office 365 Support. I’m usually happy to share a pro tip. But sometimes even I get stuck. Recently, I got hung up modifying a VBA macro in Excel. I worked on it for hours and research…

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IT Services IT Consulting

Benefits of IT Consulting for Your Houston Business

Are you struggling to balance a growing business and technology issues? It may be time to consider IT consulting to support the tech needs of your employees and customers. Downtime, ongoing workflow issues, and data breach threats provide distractions that you don’t need to handle. As an IT Consulting firm, our team of experts addresses…

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IT Services Managed IT Services

Top Benefits of Managed IT Services

How many hours has your team spent fixing tech issues? How much does downtime cost your business? Are you ready to partner with a managed IT services company? At Preactive IT, our team of experts is dedicated to supporting your business, making systems run efficiently, and implementing solutions that matter to your team and those…

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IT Services cybersecurity

Why Cybersecurity Matters

If you’ve watched any number of medical dramas on television, you know that cyberattacks can happen. Hackers are ready to hold data for ransom; some even threaten to release the personal information of clients, patients, and employees if a ransom isn’t paid by a certain deadline. This isn’t just for Hollywood drama, it’s real and…

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